"We made the jump from the decision to go to a hospital and then from a birth center to a home birth. We were unsure of every step until we found Lisa. The moment I spoke with her, she heard my fear and stress even as I thought I was doing well to mask it. I knew someone that could read and guide you that quickly was someone I needed when I was at my most vulnerable---during labor." ~ K.

Thank you for visiting our website. home birth kansas cityWe are a home birth and women's health practice serving families in the Kansas City area, led by Lisa Cohen, CNM. Awakened Birthing was formed in 2009 to provide true informed consent in decisions about pregnancy, birth and women's health. This means that choosing Lisa will ensure discussions about all options regarding testing, technology, and birthing preferences. We are here to educate, support and guide you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Our philosophy of care is influenced by our own professional and personal experiences. We believe in educating families about their choices so that they are able to make decisions that are best for them.

We have a three-tier support and education system with each and every patient.
  1. Proper nutrition is the basis for one's health or disease and dietary correction should be given first consideration in healing.
  2. Once nutrition is corrected, then consideration of supplements and alternative care, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage can be explored.
  3. Medications and hospital care are sometimes a part of any journey, if necessary to heal disease. We believe hospitals are filled with people that genuinely care about others and want good outcomes for everyone. While we do not hesitate to recommend going to the hospital if that is warranted, we prefer to explore the first two options before this consideration. 
We believe babies should go straight into their mothers' arms at the moment of birth. Birth is a life-changing experience, but having a great birth can be a life-empowering experience.

We want to help all mothers have great births!